sonny“In 1987 I introduced a bill, HR 1657 to make the GI bill permanent…the original bill was threatened when President Reagan sought to eliminate it in his fiscal year 1987 budget…I felt compelled to fight for the bill because it was working…It took some negotiations and maneuvering, but we did succeed in making the bill permanent. I was most pleased when Congressman Lane Evans of Illinois, a senior member of the committee, introduced an amendment (to name it) the Montgomery GI Bill of 1984. In offering his amendment, Congressman Evans commented on my role in the proposed legislation: “You had the vision to conceive the New GI Bill. You had the courage to fight for it against strong and committed opposition. You had the leadership needed to succeed. It has done what you said it would and even more.” — Sonny Montgomery (R-MS)

“Sonny Montgomery: The Veteran’s Champion” by G.V. Sonny Montgomery with Michael B. Ballard and Craig S. Piper. University Press of Mississippi. 2003.