laneevansJan. 31, 2004
Lane Evans has done it again. He has gone beyond the call of duty to serve the public he works so hard to please. He was able to help me by helping my beloved brother.
My brother served two tours in Vietnam, and was even wounded. He, like many other young men, was exposed to Agent Orange while defending freedom abroad. As a result he has been living a life plagued by health problems and illness — twice stricken with cancer. As the medical bills mounted and the stress of having to deal with such situations increased, he felt he had nowhere to turn to get the help he needed, deserved and earned. My brother has been continually tossed from one agency to the next — each one failing to live up to promises made.
Eventually, my brother was at wits end and felt he had nowhere to turn. I could not accept what was happening, so I turned to the one person whom I thought could help my brother — I turned to Lane Evans.
The office of Lane Evans provided my brother with the direction and muscle he needed to receive the attention and care deserved by someone who has honorably served his country. Nothing is more demanding on ones mind than to have to deal with life-threatening illness, except to have nowhere to turn with your illness. Having Lane Evans involved with my brother’s situation has provided my brother and his family the hope necessary to overcome obstacles and live life.
Without Lane Evans, my brother would be hurting without hope. Now, my brother is breathing easier knowing that he has someone looking out for him.
Heidi Olson,
Rock Island