“Millions of Americans face losing everything they own if a family member is hit by a long-term or catastrophic illness. It’s not only an issue for millions of Americans who work but have no health insurance, it’s also a problem faced by workers who are covered by employer provided health plans. The General Accounting Office found that between 1988 and 1990, 400k citizens were left without coverage due to insurance company mismanagement or fraud. That’s why I favor establishing a national health care plan similar to Canada’s that would provide universal coverage yet allow people to select their own hospitals and doctors. Effective cost containment would check huge increases. Marketing and wasteful administrative costs would be eliminated. The savings would cut out deductibles, expand coverage and increase research into new cures. The plan would be paid for by modest increase in employee payroll taxes and higher taxes on millionaires. Families, seniors and businesses would all see savings.  The WSJ has reported that Canada’s health system is popular and less costly than ours. As one public opinion analyst put it, “Canadians secret nightmare is that their health care system will change and come to resemble our system. We don’t have to accept our current system. By pooling our risks and our resources we can take better care of each other. We can also have the economic peace of mind of knowing we won’t lose homes or everything we’ve saved should a family member become seriously ill. That’s the type of health care Americans need and the kind we must create.”