Lane’s Lessons for Current and Future Legislators – Constituent Services: “One of my top priorities is to listen to people’s concerns and to go to work for them. Whether it’s a complaint about a late GI Bill check, a student loan eligibility problem, or getting Medicare to pay a hospital bill, I’ve pushed the bureaucracies to help ordinary people with their problems. To make sure I hear about these problems, I’ve held personal office hours in every county of this district. During the past year, I and members of my staff have worked on over 5400 cases involving virtually every federal agency from the Department of Ag to the VA. That statistic represents everyday people who have real problems…Although we haven’t been able to solve every problem, we’ve compiled a strong record in making government work for average people. Another reason why I get out and talk to people is to learn their views and opinions. My close contact with areas constituents is extremely y useful in my work as a legislator. If several individuals in the district report the same problem, it becomes evident that legislation is necessary to solve the situation.”