435 Mudslingers

Lane Evans

“From time to time, I’ve been asked who I am running against. My reply has been that I’m not running against anyone, because I am running for an office and to represent people. The office I hold, and ask to retain, demands such an approach. With all the problems Congress has with its poor public perception, its credibility won’t be restored if it is comprised of 435 mudslingers. So I ask the voters to examine the candidates with a skeptical eye. Don’t rely on 30-second negative ads to make your important election choices. Look into the candidates record and ask them where they stand on the important issues that affect you.” Lane Evans, November 1990.

Restore Visions and Values


“During my time in Congress, I have tried to be an advocate for the hard-working people in our area: our family farmers, our small business owners and working people. It seems clear that our government has turned its back on the needs of average citizens as i

t has catered to the interest of a few wealthy and powerful Americans. I believe we can reverse these priorities and restore our visions and values that reward every American for what they contribute. It won’t happen by resorting to gimmicks or replaying the policies of the 80s. It requires a commitment to serving the interests of every American and make our country stand up for them. By insisting on fair taxation policies, fair trade and wise military spending, we can reduce the deficit, protect American jobs from unfair foreign competition and provide for the needs of our fellow citizens.” — Argus/Dispatch Nov 4, 1990.

Recollections – David Axelrod

“Lane was almost an impossible guy to dislike. That’s an unusual attribute in politics. Paul Simon had that quality as well. They liked him. He was a good and decent person, and Lane had the same qualities.”



Not a Fat Cat

Over the course of his 24-year career in Congress, Lane Evans returned nearly $360,000 of his salary to the government. Each year he’d write a check to the Internal Revenue Service for roughly $15,000. He chose to give it back to the government as a form of protest against the debt. And other than modest cost-of-living increases, he declined all pay raises until 1996.

Fat Cats

Recollections – Rep. Jan Schakowsky

Jan_Schakowsky_headshot“There were times when I would go up to Lane and ask: ‘Are you sure you want to do this? This might be a hard vote in your district.’ And he’d just look at me and say: ‘What are you talking about? This is the right vote!’ He had a fearlessness about him when it came to sticking with what he thought was the right thing to do. Lane was proof positive that if you stand with people, stick to your core principles, and work hard, that you can win in districts that people have thought impossible. It turned out he was a winner being such a principled guy.”

— former colleague and US Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-Illinois)